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Chaturanga — is your direct, personal and fully confidential chat with professional astrologers.

If you don't believe in coincidences and sometimes wish to have a compass to navigate your life, Chaturanga is here to help you, whether your question is specific and direct or strategic and general.

Just share your birth data and ask the question. It will be forwarded to our team of astrological consultants, who will make your natal chart and based on this chart will give you the answer shortly. The first consultation is free. To be able to ask more questions, you can either buy them or invite your friends to Chaturanga. 

What to ask?
We all are different and unique. Our zodiac signs, positions of planets and other celestial objects affect all aspects of our lives every second, so you can ask anything you want.

We recommend focusing on three key points:
1. personal relationships, 
2. place to live, 
3. career or business, 
These three aspects are the root and every day they produce hundreds of smaller questions, such as:

- What kind of business suits me the best?
- What kind of partner do i need to build a happy family?
- How should I plan the upcoming day for it to pass smoothly and happily?
- I’m nervous about important negotiations next week. Should i go for the deal and how can I prepare?
- Why was I so sad last week?
- Nobody loves me, what’s wrong with me?
- Should I move to another country?

Today society advocates the “everything is possible” philosophy. And it’s true — there are plenty of opportunities around, we can do everything and go everywhere. But does it really make us happy? Astrology connects us with our essential design, lets us understand our natural strengths and talents and find where or how they may be most appreciated. If we feel harmony we move along the life’s path with happiness.



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