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Parraoke is a mobile app for English speaking kids to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese eloquently. Through games and learning activities, students can listen, speak and record their Chinese pronunciations (Hanyu Pinyin) through our world’s leading natural language speech engine. Parraoke is able to recognise and evaluate each student’s oral proficiency based on their intonation, accuracy and fluency, helping students to improve on their pronunciation.

Designed based on flipped classroom pedagogy, Parraoke can be used by students to practice speaking Mandarin at home on their own or in the classroom, when Teachers assign learning tasks and starts classroom collaboration activities using the app.

Parraoke Student: The student version of the app enables students to learn to speak Mandarin on their own through games and activities. It can be used with or without a teacher version of the app.

Parraoke Teacher: The teacher version of the app is able to chart and analyse every student’s learning journey whenever learning takes place in class, or on their own. Teachers can review their student’s learning progress and plan activities to address learning challenges during classroom lesson and assign learning tasks before lesson to encourage students to learn from home. This self-paced learning approach allows the students to take charge of their learning.

Parraoke can be logged in using Edmodo or Facebook. It is recommended for English speaking learners aged 7 -12 years old.

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