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Practo is an award winning healthcare app that helps you find the best doctors and book appointments instantly. 
Get detailed information about the doctor including qualifications, fees, years of experience as well as detailed feedback from other patients before choosing the doctor best for you.
Practo lists over 120,000 verified doctors and clinic profiles, to give you the widest choice for selecting the best doctor.

- Find the best doctors in major Indian cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and others.
- Practo is also available in Singapore and Manila
- Intuitive interface makes finding and booking confirmed doctor appointments possible with just a few clicks.
- Search for doctors based on their specialty, clinic or doctor name.
- Listings based on area, availability and consultation fees.
- Appointment booking with instant confirmation.
- View doctor profiles with qualifications, awards and more information.
- See clinic details such as timings, consultation fees, clinic Address and photos.
- Get turn by turn navigation to the clinic from anywhere in the city.
- Create a secure account for a faster appointment booking experience and store all appointment history at one place.
- Save the last searched locality to User Defaults. This helps you find a doctor within your reach quickly.

You can find doctors who specialize in:
- Dental Care
- Skin Care
- Mental Health
- Ear Nose Throat Care
- Pregnancy
- Sexologists
- Spas & Wellness centres
- Thyroid
- Ayurveda
- Heart
- Eyes/Ophthalmology
- Children/Paediatrics
- Homeopathy
- Hair Transplant
- Obesity/Weight Loss
- Diabetes
- And many more.