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* Dual Video Streaming: RTSP H.264 and HTTP JPEG 
* 4-channel Live View 
* Control Camera PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom)
* Free and Fluent Zoom View of Video (coming soon)
* Play audio from cameras.
* Speak to cameras via microphone.
* Group Management: Group Cameras into Groups 
* Easy Live View Switch 
- Touch the channel to split 1 or 4 channel view 
- Swipe left/right to change cameras in 1-channel view  
* Airlive CamPro Mobile supports the following home security cameras: 
BC-5010, BU-3025, BU-720, CU-720PIR, CW-720, 
DM-720, FE-200CU, FE-200DM, FE-200VD, IP-150CAM, 
IP-200PHD, MD-3025, MD-720, OD-2025HD, OD-2050HD,
OD-2060HD, OD-325HD, PoE-100HD, PoE-200CAM, PoE-200HD,
PoE-250HD, PoE-260CAM, PoE-2600HD, PoE-280HD, PoE-5010HD,
SD-2020, WL-2600CAM,WL-350HD, WN-150CAM, WN-2600HD,
WN-200HD, FE201DM , FE-501DM , FE501OD and CoreNVR