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Charge into battle with the insanely fun and addicting 3D ARPG/RPG game, "DOT.ALLSTARS"! With meticulous designed hero and monster characters, along with intense fighting skills and actions, "DOT.ALLSTARS" is a RPG packed with amazing design content that will both entertain and delight you. 
1. "DOT.ALLSTARS" has a very unique way of control and it's really simple and intuitive. You are able to form a team of 5 heroes and trigger attack of each hero by "a single tap". 
2. Each heroes have their unique set of skills and abilities for your own lineup
3. New Costume System let players to have a new experience in customizing their heroes special abilities.
4. Massive content with various single and multiplayer gameplay modes. Adventure through classic campaign to real time-challenge in Elite, Arena Leaderboards, Subterranean and Ancient Battlefield - biggest war with no player limit. Fight for MVP Title.

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