Trezo - Buy, sell, find treasures here!

  • Trezo - Buy, sell, find treasures here!
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Trezo is an online buy-and-sell mobile platform in Singapore that aims to provide convenient and effortless shopping, anytime, anywhere. With Trezo, you can buy or sell items, browse through different categories, customize your profile, receive notifications or even engage in real-time conversation with other users. 

Make shopping easier by:
Looking through and buying the latest items posted by sellers - doesn't it suck when we have to deal with dead sellers?
Save the hassle of going to multiple platforms with the wide variety of categories we offer - don't you hate tracking your buys from different shops?
To make selling more fun, you can also:
Customize your profile - upload your own cover photo and text to distinguish yourself from other sellers!
Engage in real-time conversation with buyers - take hold of opportunity to clinch the deal when buyers enquire about your item!
Manage your listings on the go - I certainly dislike being restricted by the desktop!
Just follow these simple steps:
Download Trezo on your mobile or tablet
Log in with your Facebook Account or register a new account
And Viola! You are ready to shop or sell!

We are constantly striving to produce the best Trezo and we are hungry for inputs!
Comment below your thoughts to help us improve your user experience.

See you on Trezo soon!

*This app is developed by DDLabs, a fast-growing think tank for the brewing of creative apps, by creative people. With a learning organisational culture that promotes the generation of fresh ideas at all levels, DDLabs aims to be a game-changer for innovative digital developments in this part of the milky way and shall not be responsible for causing the fall of other interstellar voyages